El Paral•lel, 1894 – 1939

Barcelona and the spectacle of modernity. This exhibition currently running at the CCCB documents the evolution of one of Barcelona’s most iconic streets, detailing the historical rise of the theatre and the vivacity of life in the neighbourhood.  From its humble beginnings, you can follow Paral•lel through to its golden age, when it became the neighbourhood with the most entertainment venues in Europe, attracting actors, writers and anarchists!

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Along this journey you will see an extensive collection of photographs, videoclips, music scores, pamphlets and posters, documenting the progression of of the area, social values and ideologies.  You can see guides for visitors to ‘enjoy the night’, contraceptive devices and the business cards of prostitutes. A very simple (and quite elegant) card reads Maria, día y noche.  The rich societal history is thread throughout the evolution of spectacles at the theatres, providing a context to the changes on stage and off.

The exhibition is running until 24th February 2013 at the CCCB

From the CCCB you can also download free walking tour routes to discover the most important points along Paral•lel. Three routes are available to download: Political, Theatres or Urban Design


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