Breathing Buildings: The Awakening of Casa Batlló

After the flurry of excitement that was La Mercè, things have been a little quieter in Barcelona.  Since my last post, I’ve hosted about a dozen good homeland friends whilst getting right back into the swing of work.  It’s fair to say that British Boy is absolutely exhausted and fully welcomes a weekend of miserable weather to give him a good excuse to stay in bed and recuperate.


Wet weekend

One thing that will get me out of bed this weekend is an audiovisual mapping of Gaudí’s Casa Batlló, which will celebrate the building’s 10th anniversary of cultural visits open to the public.  If you haven’t seen Casa Batlló before it’s stunning inside as well as out, and an unmissable sight in the city.  I actually prefer it to the Sagrada Familia (that feels a bit like Gaudí blasphemy, but it’s true).  This weekend there is an extra reason to check it out: audio-visual artists will breathe life into the house and awaken its architectural features!  Fans of the Sagrada Familia’s La Mercè illuminations, Ode à la vie, definitely won’t want to miss this.

You can the audiovisual ‘mapping’ on Saturday 20th/Sunday 21st October at 21.00, 21.30 and 22.00.  Brollies/umbrellas/paraguas recommended.

Here’s a very Harry Potter-esque teaser:


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