Beach Escape: “Waikiki”

Does this little cove contain the best hidden beach in Catalunya?

I heard about this place from a Catalan friend, who told me that it’s a little piece of paradise and after visiting this treasure I almost didn’t want to share the secret.  Nestled in a small cove by the town of La Mòra, near Tarragona, this nudist beach is fondly called Waikiki, for its clear waters and soft unspoilt sands reminiscent of its Hawaiian namesake.

The very location means that not many people go there.  Without a car or motorbike it is difficult to reach La Mòra.  It is also a little bit of adventure getting to the beach itself: you have to walk through a pine forest and descend a rocky area to get to the beach.  I have to admit I found this quite fun for a while, feeling as though I was in a scene from The Beach.  However, this means it’s not suitable for wheelchairs or prams.  Bear in mind that you will have to walk from the nearest available parking area to the beach, so pack sensibly.

On the map below, the blue marker on the right indicates an ideal parking area if you are coming from the Barcelona direction. The other marker is Waikiki. As you can see, there is another beach a bit closer, but I think it’s worth the extra walk to Waikiki.

If you don’t have any access to a vehicle, there are couple of bus services from Tarragona, usually about a 30min journey. Try this journey planner for more information.

Here you can forget about the constant calls of “beer, cerveza, fanta, col-agua” and “masaje, masaje” – there are no vendors.  So take plenty of water to stay healthy and hydrated!  Simply relax and listen to the soft sounds of the sea.

If you do go, please remember to respect the area and to keep it clean.  The forest area is at high-risk of forest fires so bonfires and barbecues are forbidden and be careful with glass, cigarettes etc.


2 responses to “Beach Escape: “Waikiki”

  1. Wow, what a beautiful beach! The walk there looks like it’d be really pretty too. I might have to go before the weather cools off.

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