Summer Fashion: Menorquinas

I often ask locals what they think about the typical British person and how they imagine them to look.  There are some things that always come up, probably thanks to the tourists at Lloret del Mar: 1) skin comes in either newborn hamster pink or tangoed orange fake tan; 2) drunken behaviour; and 3) a poor sense of fashion.

The latter intrigued me a little. “You wear socks and sandalias! Is very bad!” I would hear, feeling like it was directed at me personally.  Whilst I have never worn socks and sandals/flip flops together before, I do know of one perpetrator: my dad.  If only the locals knew his cardinal sin: the handkerchief sunhat.  Whilst I don’t think it’s really true that most of us Brits commit this fashion crime, it is true that there appears to be a very different foot fashion here, or at least in Barcelona.   They are called Menorquinas, and yes, you guessed it, they originate from Menorca.

Popular with the young as well as the old, these simple artisanal sandals are often worn at the beach, in the city or in the home as slippers.  At about 22 euro a pair from a local shoe shop, I decided to give them a go.

The verdict
Comfort **
Mediterranean-icity *****
Affordability *****

Blend in with the locals with these summer sandals. Cheap but perhaps not so cheerful for my feet. If you are willing to pay a little bit more some companies like offer some models with latex cushioning for extra support and comfort. 


One response to “Summer Fashion: Menorquinas

  1. Ahh I was wondering what those were called! Everyone wears them here. I worked a summer camp last summer, and everyone from the tiny toddlers to their grandparents had a pair of those. They don’t look or sound especially comfortable though.

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