The Ultimate Secret Sunbathing Spot?

La Sagrada Família

Fancy a sneaky sunbathe here?

I’ve been absent for a while and for good reason…

El verano ha llegado – summer has arrived.

In Barcelona, this means many things – whilst there is an influx of sweaty red ‘guiris’ (tourists), many locals have August as holidays and retreat to ‘the mountain’.  I’m never quite sure, which they are referring to, it’s always just ‘la montaña’.

If you are in Barcelona over the summer then you might be interested in escaping the hoards of tourists on the beaches of Barceloneta and visiting this secret sunbathing spot with an incredible view of Gaudí’s Sagrada Família.  Although I’ve been coming to this spot since the beginning of 2012, I had no idea that this hidden sun terrace existed until quite recently.  This is because the hideaway is located on the roof a gym – Metropolitan Sagrada Família.

You do need to be a member to enter and use the facilities, but if you are staying in Barcelona for some time and fitness is important to you then it’s well worth it.  Alternatively, befriend a member and enter with a guest pass!

If you just visting Barcelona, then research tells me that guests staying at the Hespira Sport Hotel (on the same site) can use Metropolitan’s facilities.  Worth looking into!

From my sunbathing haven, hasta luego!


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